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Dear Governor Hochul:

We are deeply concerned about the rising cost of energy driven by irresponsible fossil fuel investments, and we call on you to lead New York toward a more affordable energy future. Gas utilities are increasing their profits by saddling New Yorkers with the costs of extending the lifespan of antiquated pipeline infrastructure and dangerous technology, all while making New York more expensive and polluted. As a result, 1.2 million households and 127,000 small businesses are behind on their energy bills. After suffering the hottest summer on record globally, millions of New Yorkers will soon face freezing temperatures without adequate insulation or affordable energy. We need your leadership to implement New York’s nation-leading Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), protect New Yorkers from unnecessary energy costs, and ensure safe, comfortable homes year-round. 

We urge you to ensure your upcoming State of the State and Executive Budget accomplish the following priorities:  

  • Put money back in New Yorkers’ pockets by ending wasteful spending of customer funds used to subsidize new fracked gas hookups by finally eliminating the ‘100-foot rule’
  • Improve access to cost-saving energy efficiency measures and heat pumps by directing your agencies to create a retrofit readiness fund to fully achieve your Climate Friendly Homes commitment
  • Enable utilities to opt for cleaner, more cost-effective options rather than unnecessary gas pipelines by amending the obligation to serve gas so that utilities can pursue neighborhood-scale building decarbonization projects
  • Make energy bills affordable and fair for low and middle-income New Yorkers by ensuring no residential customer pays more than 6% of their income for energy 
  • Hold gas utilities accountable for reducing climate and air pollution by directing your agencies to set and enforce CLCPA-compliant building sector emission limits  

Thank you for your consideration of these recommendations.

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