About this site

This website was created to support the broad movement of organizations urging New York Governor Kathy Hochul to make a major commitment to and investment in all-electric affordable housing in her 2022 State of the State address and Executive Budget. We invite all organizations and individuals in New York State to advocate for the platform outlined in the letter to Governor Hochul and the petition on this site.

The initial authors and signers of the letter are:

Alliance for a Green Economy
Association for Energy Affordability
Building Decarbonization Coalition
Frack Action
Green and Healthy Homes Initiative
Mothers Out Front New York
New Yorkers for Clean Power
PUSH Buffalo
Sane Energy Project
WE ACT for Environmental Justice

This website is maintained by Alliance for a Green Economy and New Yorkers for Clean Power. For more information about the work to switch from fossil fuels for heating, cooking, and hot water, we invite you to visit the following websites: